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7 Comfort Foods for 7 Days

May 14, 2023 by

7 Comfort Foods for 7 Days

Imagine this: You just got done with your day. And now you want a hot bowl of your favourite food to sit back and curl up on your comfy couch and watch the latest episodes of that popular series on Netflix. Sounds like fun. But many a time, the picture painted above fails to turn into reality for some reason or the other. Be it lack of time to cook, missing some ingredients here and there, or simply feeling tired. Immediately the mood is soured.

But what if we told you that it is possible to turn it into reality, even when things are not looking up to it. You can have your favourite comfort foods any time you want. The Taste Company brings you ready-to-eat meals that are the true definition of COMFORT FOODS. It takes just a few minutes to dig into a bowl of your favourite home-style food. Here are 7 comfort foods from TTC that you have to try now!

No nonsense Mondays: Pongal

Taste history with this historic dish of the South. In one phrase Pongal is a “complete meal”. Made with traditional ingredients like rice, moong dal, ghee, and cashew nuts, with a kick of pepper. Pongal is full of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. These complex carbohydrates provide the body with the required glucose to turn it into energy. So when you are craving something simple and warm but that will take care of your daily nutritional needs then do not think twice. Pop open a box of TTC Pongal meal box.

Flavourful Tuesdays: Bisibele Bath

Every menu you look at seems to have this item. Why do you think this is so popular? About time you gave this one a try too. Sweet, savoury, spicy, and tangy, the TTC Bisibele Bath meal box will provide the much-needed punch of flavour in your bland work from home life. Crafted from authentic home recipes, it will surely take you back to your home. Bisibele bath is also good for your health as you get healthy grains, pulses, and green into your systems. It also has peanuts and cashews for that extra crunch of flavour. In two words – tasty and healthy. 

Wow Wednesdays: Chicken Biryani

It’s the middle of the week. You have worked hard for the past two days and there’s still two more days to go for the weekend. So you are looking for that special treat to boost your mood and get back to work. What could treat be? We can assure you that before you decide on what to feast on, our TTC Chicken Biryani meal box will be ready to consume, in just a few minutes. Yes, you read that right. Take a bite of our take on the ‘Ghar wali biryani’ that you can feast on any occasion or just like that. The authentic flavour of Biriyani in a unique meal box fit for a royal will sweep you off your feet! Get it here: Chicken Biryani Meal Box.

Simple Thursdays: Dal Khichdi

Never underestimate the power of a bowl of khichdi! It is wholesome. It is healthy. It is tasty. And it is satisfying. You can make a simple one or go full crazy by adding whatever you want. Our ready to eat Dal Khichdi meal box will surely replace your favourite everyday snack. Made with perfectly tempered spices, rice and pulses, it is guaranteed to kill your hunger, as well as make you crave for more. What’s more, this dal khichdi is for when you want to just enjoy a simple and warm meal after an exhausting day. Its many health benefits include detoxifying capabilities, calming the stomach and improving immunity.

Special Fridays: Dal Makhani Rice

You know that sudden craving for Dal Makhani can hit anytime. Let’s face it, nailing a perfect dal makhani by following an online recipe is too long a process, and requires so many ingredients. Let alone soaking rajma overnight! We do not have so much time to satisfy our hunger. Introducing TTC Dal Makhani Rice meal box with which you can satisfy your craving with one snap of your fingers. The meal box tastes super rich and creamy, it is bound to become your favourite in no time. The folic acid from urad dal maintains healthy levels of red blood cells and the presence of Phosphorous and Calcium keeps bones healthy.

Homely Saturdays: Sambar Rice

Healthy? Check. Good for weight loss? Check. Is it delicious? Check. Can you have it every day? Double-check. Sambar Rice or traditionally known as Sambar Sadam is a simple and comforting meal everyone must have gotten hooked to at some point. It is a delicious concoction of rice dal and mixed vegetables topped with perfectly tempered spices. It is a good meal to have that includes a lot of vegetables that we, in our busy lives, forget to eat on a daily basis. TTC brings you the same comforting in a Sambar Rice meal box with multiple health benefits like high in proteins, antioxidants and fibres. Get it here:.

Amazing Sundays: Chicken Curry Rice

A staunch non-vegetarian? You are in for a ride. Growing up eating many different chicken curries, there is always that one that holds a special place in all our hearts: homemade chicken curry with rice. TTC Chicken Curry with Rice is exactly that. Made from traditional homestyle recipes, the Chicken Curry and Rice meal box is your go-to non-veg meal for satisfying extreme cravings. Flavourful and spicy, you will yourself reach out for more than one box! Chicken is high in protein and lower in fat compared to other meats, helps build stronger bones and promotes heart health. There are too many good reasons to skip this. Get it here: Chicken Curry Meal Box.

Also, did we mention it? Our meal boxes are free of harmful preservatives and do not contain any artificial colours and flavours. The boxes go through multiple stages of safety and hygiene checks before it reaches your doorstep. So, whenever you feel hungry, grab a TTC meal box, add some hot water and you get delicious meals ready in just a few minutes.

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