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Do diets really work? Let’s bust some myths

May 14, 2023 by

Do diets really work? Let’s bust some myths

At any given time, a third of the population you meet are following some sort of diet, and the rest are considering if they should start one. Typical diets come with the promise of transforming you within a month or two. Yet half of the people who start drop out in between or are not happy with the results. Why is it diets work for some and not all?

That does not mean that diets do not work at all for some people. Diets definitely work and help you lose weight or get ripped. It’s just a matter of finding what works for you in the long run. Let us have a look at some claims and myths about diets and how you can find one that really works for you.

Myth: Diets alone are a foolproof plan for shedding some kilos

Unfortunately enough, dieting without proper physical activities makes the weight loss journey hard, long and boring. A simple tip to lose weight consistently is to burn more calories than you consume. Simply having lesser calories will make one lethargic and might lead to malnutrition. Hence, balancing our calorie intake with exercise is important.

Myth: Diets are very difficult to follow

Diet does not equal starving or suffering. One of the biggest reasons diets are hard to follow is because it is too restricting. This leads to cheating on your diet more often than you want. Cutting too many calories might make you lose weight but will ultimately leave you feeling weak and prone to binge eating.

Myth: You need to give up your favourite foods

You can totally eat what you want and have it included in your diet. But you need to be mindful about the foods you eat. If they fall under the junk category, it is best to reduce their intake and focus more on adopting healthy habits. Having a weekly cheat day always helps to make you feel satisfied and accomplished with your diet. Following it up with a workout will help cut those extra calories.

Myth: Carbs are a strict no-no

Repeating it for the nth time: All carbs are not bad carbs. Carbs are very essential for a healthy human being. Carbs help produce the energy you need to function. To get the most out of carbs, it is best to go for whole carbs such as vegetables, whole grains like barley, oats, and quinoa. Refined carbs that include sugar, white bread, and anything made with white flour should be avoided at all costs.

Myth: Exclude all kinds of fat from the diet

Surprise surprise! Fat is an important component of the diet, as it provides essential nutrients. Because fat has higher calorie content per gram than protein or carbs, it needs to be monitored. Having high-fat content foods such as butter, cheese, ice cream, fatty meat, deep-fried foods will contribute to extra calories and may lead to cardiovascular disease. Consuming small amounts and switching to healthy fats such as nuts, fatty fish, whole eggs, chia seeds, peanut butter will help your body meet the daily fat requirement healthily.

Myth: Any sort of diet will be good for you

Finally, a very important tip: Never follow diets from social media blindly, or any random diet from the internet. Social media can be deceiving and give rise to falsehood, which is very dangerous. A diet should never be a constant suffering or leave you starving for long hours. The right diet should be enjoyable and easy to stick to. Consulting a physician to get a diet that suits you and includes your favourite foods is much better than trying multiple diets and failing.

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