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New TTC Meals to keep you company

May 14, 2023 by

New TTC Meals to keep you company

It’s already halfway through 2021, and everyone staying safe by working from home and trying to get used to it. But one thing all of us can agree on is that life is getting monotonous and staying at home is becoming more of a tedious task. Not to mention – cooking three times a day, every day. We have tried every kind of recipe available on the internet and tried all of our mom’s recipes too.

Now we crave something new every day. So that’s why we at TTC have come up with some refreshing meal boxes to break away from the monotony. The new meals are each unique in their way and of course, they are prepared in traditional homestyle methods, with natural flavours and colours and no preservatives. Let’s have a look at the new meals and why you should definitely try them out!

Kaju Chicken Curry Rice

Indian summers can get pretty hot and harsh, and most of the time, we do not feel like having spicy curries. So enter Kaju Chicken Curry Rice! This exquisite meal box has magic inside and will definitely make you feel like you are on cloud nine. What makes it stand out is the rich and creamy gravy and juicy which will have a calming effect on your stomach, on a hot day. Plus cashews have a lot of health benefits like being abundant in essential nutrients like magnesium, manganese, phosphorus; all of which are important for energy production and a healthy brain. So if you are looking for some creamy lunch or dinner, this is the way to go. Shop TTC Kaju Chicken Curry Rice here.

Prawn Biryani

A step away from the norm, this dainty and delightful Prawn Biryani meal box will keep your hunger at bay. What is special about this meal box? Besides being made in a very healthy and natural way, the addition of prawns just lifts the bar up. Prawns are considered to be one of the healthiest foods in the world, it is low in calories and fat. Prawns have a higher protein content per 100 gms compared to chicken. It also has Omega 3 fatty acids, which is a healthy fat, and reduces the risk of heart diseases. Finally, a biryani that you can binge on, totally guilt-free! Shop TTC Prawn Biryani here.

Veg Biryani

No, we have not forgotten about our vegetarian peeps. We have something special for you. Something royal – our very delicious Vegetable Biryani meal box. Straight from the kitchen of nostalgia, full-on desi, full-on homestyle veg biryani will leave picking at every last grain of delicious aromatic rice and veggies. This meal box is a full-on celebration of all the tasty veggies, spices and herbs. The veggies will meet your daily nutritional needs in a healthy and tasty way, keep you full for long. Spend some authentic and traditional quality time with this veg biryani meal box. Shop for TTC Vegetable Biryani here.

Oats Upma

Mornings are tough for most of us. We always feel like we are running out of time to do anything and everything. The most important meal of the day is often left out – breakfast. Research has found that 1 in every 4 Indians skip breakfast and not regard it as an essential meal of the day. To alleviate the problem of having to spend time cooking, TTC has added to its wide range of breakfast meal boxes with the new Oats Upma meal box. The oats and the veggies make for an incredibly nutritious breakfast. Oats are abundant in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and soluble fibre for a healthy gut. Time to start your day with a healthy breakfast that takes just a few minutes.

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