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This is how your box of happiness is prepared..

Step 1
Handpicking the freshest ingredients

Our ingredients are scouted by our Sourcing experts. Once received, they are inspected by our Quality inspectors. The approved raw materials are then treated hygienically and stored in designated places. Our Quality Inspectors ensure that the highest quality is maintained at all levels.

Step 2
Carefully preparing our ingredients

The ingredients are handled and prepared most gently for our cooking process. We take utmost care to prepare Veg and Non-veg separately

Step 3
Delicious recipes sourced from home chefs

We source only the best recipes for our products. All the raw materials needed, are issued to the cooking chamber in the presence of Quality inspectors.

Step 4
State of the art cooking process

The cooking process is initiated as per standard protocols to make sure quality for each unit produced is maintained. Cooking is done in our scientifically advanced central production unit. After cooking is done, Organoleptic evaluation will be done in the presence of Expert panel members.

Step 5
Dehydrating the cooked food

We carry out the dehydration process using advanced technical infrastructure. This ensures the cooked product will retain the moisture level as per the specification.

Step 6
Dehydrated food is then Freeze-dried

Freeze-drying the food ensures all its nutrients, texture, taste, and flavor are maintained for a long time. The whole process takes about 8-12 hours.

Step 7
Carrying out multiple Quality checks

Our quality inspectors carry out rigorous quality checks for the freeze-dried food. The approved items make it to the packaging chamber.

Step 8
Sealing the freshness

The food is now sealed and locked with all of its goodness and nutrition. The quality assurance team issues a go-ahead before food is packed.

Step 9
High-quality eco-friendly paper tubs

High-quality eco-friendly paper tubs - The approved food pouches are randomly examined before being placed into our eco-friendly paper tubs.

Step 10
Boxes are lined up in crates

One last check is carried out by our Quality inspectors to ensure our consumers get the best in the industry experience. The boxes are then lined up into crates.

Step 11
The journey to your doorstep

The boxes are loaded into trucks and sent to your doorstep or stores near you!

Step 12
Fresh, Clean and Tasty Food from our Store to your doorstep..
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